Gene Coletti


Gene Coletti started the Old Daley Restaurant alongside his wife Dana, his sister Ann, her husband Jeff Faller and his brother Don. They joined forces to open the doors of the old 499 House, his dad’s old restaurant. They hired family, friends and friends of friends to work in the beautiful 1700’s hotel building in Historic Lansingburgh. They started with a simple menu written on an empty Lancer’s wine bottle. King Crab, Prime Rib, Prime steaks and the famous Chicken Teriyaki were the staples. This amazing place was at the top of the charts in local fine dining for over 28 years. So many memories and great times at The ODI. Gene is our steady rudder. The most genuine human you’ll ever know, who only wants the best for all. He’s our builder, our baker and candle stick maker all wrapped up into one great leader.