Janice Keary

Director of Sales, Crooked Lake

Jan began her Old Daley Custom Catering journey from the ground up in 2009. Working at Old Daley’s Albany lunch shop, “Pastanini”, followed by off-premises event planning then Crooked Lake event planning to her current position as Crooked Lake’s Director of Sales. Tour guide, seller of events, relationship builder, menu and package writer, creator of all things pretty and fun, solver of issues for clients, guests and staff, hostess extraordinaire.  Accomplishing all of the above while staying within the budget allowed!    😉


What do you like to do when you’re not working?  Drink wine with friends, shop and sleep; not necessarily in that order.

Favorite Movie: Saturday Night Fever, I’m not one to re-watch movies but this one I can sit through over and over again! Not sure if it’s my love of 70s disco or the early days of Travolta?