Jim Pettit


Jim started at The Old Daley Inn Restaurant as a dishwasher at the young age of 16. He always joked about being an owner of the company one day, and here we are. When he was 18, Jeff Faller (a partner at the time) joked about sending kitchen staff out to sell the very popular chicken teriyaki sandwiches to the public. Jimmy saw this as a huge opportunity to be his own boss, and ran with the idea. He went home, asked his dad for a loan to buy a hot dog cart and explained his vision. Soon that vision became reality, within one month, he was selling over 300 chicken sandwiches a day. This cart is still selling those famous sandwiches today, along with two others!

Jim is now our companies CFO. His bold tenacity and amazing business acumen have taken Old Daley to new heights. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the most generous funny men on the planet. Jim is our fearless leader and great humanitarian.